A program to recover deleted files on android

This article is for those who have accidentally deleted their photos and other data from Android smartphone, such as SMS messages, telegram correspondence. The best way to take advantage of the situation program to recover deleted photos on Android. These programs operate not only photographs but also with any other data.

How to recover pictures from whatsappa

Lists all the available methods. Those who think that you can get files from the Recycle Bin is deeply mistaken, because there is no basket on the Android on Windows.

  • Using the backup file made, for example, through the program Titanium Backup;
  • Restoring using the software is available on our website details User 7data android rekaveri and other programs that will help in this matter. The vast majority of this method is suitable! In this case, the need to connect the smartphone to a computer;
  • Use the built-in backup data whatsapp, in this case, you can not restore old photos, as the information in the backup whatsapp periodically overwritten by the new one.