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Yotaphone who the manufacturer

Yotaphone – Russia is shit, made of imported components, but crooked collected. Otherwise you could not tell, by the way with two displays, Yotafon = Bydlofon! The price of the device is 39000 rubles and is unreasonably high,  when this ordinary consumer can not understand one for Iphone whether…

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WhatsApp has captured the market of mobile messenger

Whatsapp presses the market for mobile instant messengers and now it has 800 million users, Zuckerberg enjoys bought so profitable project, and Durov rushes on State Sens Keys and the United Arab Emirates in a panic and depression, tearing jaws of the Indians, who wrote incomprehensible Telegram. No one could not assume that curly Zucker Sheared can fight Pavlik Morozov.

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How to make that application installed on the memory card android

Unexpectedly Out of memory on Android smartphone? Want to install applications to the memory card  or migrate your old applications?

How to install the program on a memory card Android

To Android operating system all applications are put into the internal memory of the mobile device, if…

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