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Overview of smartphone Vertu Bentley

Manufacturer of luxury Vertu introduced its first phone, created in collaboration with manufacturers Bentley. The smartphone named "Vertu Bentley" the new smartphone has taken over the filling Vertu Signature Touch.

"Vertu Bentley" finished calf leather and comes with exclusive content Bentley – including Wallpaper, logos and applications from Bentley. The Bentley Logo  located on the…

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Review of LEXAND S4A4 Neon

This article will be provided a Company Review LEXAND and phone S4A4 Neon.

Lexand – Russian brand of portable consumer electronics. According to Russia’s already alarming, they order Chinese basement unit and glue them on their label, and also makes the company DNS. So why feed dealers? It is…

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Review of BQ BQS-4701 Venice

In today’s article we will review recall to BQ BQS-4701 Venice, and very firm.

Criticism of the case

The smartphone is a full-blooded Chinese basement for 3000 rubles, possibly prohibitive levels of radiation, no one really checked.  Surprised by the audacity of Shanghai baryg that stolen logo Beats . produces good headphones sound,  and prisobachit it on the…

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ZTE ZMAX reviews and overview

At the moment the struggle between firms producing top-end smartphones the leaders all want to grab a piece of the market.The company  ZTE has released their new flagship ZTE Zmax, its advantages over competitors record low price , only 252$. This is the reason to pay attention to it.

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Photos from the Oppo N3

Before us is a very interesting from a design standpoint smartphone Oppo N3 . being running Android Kitkat Its designers were able to do something unlike the simple square piece of plastic. The camera module and flash rotate on an axis. And on the edge of the cylinder is something similar to the speakers.

The device will not be worse than its…

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Buy Meizu MX4 can be for $ 449

Recently started the sale new flagship smartphone Meizu MX4. Prices start at 449 $ for the 16GB version and  more expensive, depending on the amount of memory. This price tag is a bit higher than in China, but Meizu explained, what in it included shipping and import tax to some countries.…

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