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Hold the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in a vise

I present to you extreme crash tesie the strength of top-end smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge worth US $ 1,350. The video will demonstrate compression smartphone carpentry grip hammer and a ruthless attack. The smartphone will be divided into the chips, even peel paint.

How to break Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Attention! Ill-treatment technique! Take small children by the screens and do not try.

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Sawn Iphone 6s circular saw

In this crash test We sawed iphone 6s using grinders, she saw blade. Let’s go to a good smoke. I have to say that the smartphone is kept very unworthy, quickly appeared solid dents, the screen stopped working and the smell of fried. We will break the US market is a miracle and it otobёm Ponte.

As sawed Iphone 6s circular saw

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How to bend Iphone 6s (crash test)

Today, in our crash test video We will put out the camera Smartphone Apple Iphone 6s knife, hammering on the screen apparatus of the soul of California, without sparing a sledgehammer. And you will learn how to bend Iphone 6s. Contrary to the manufacturer Smartphone Apple Iphone 6s plus his younger brother 6s bend and not…

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We check the quality of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 knife

Want to see the rear panel Samsung Galaxy Note 5 crack of small strokes kitchen knife? You’ve come to the address. This article will occur test of strength Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a knife, then you will see how to split the screen smartphone with a hammer.

Crash Test Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Burning Iphone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S5

In this article, we burn high-end flagship brands. In today’s video we can see how burning the American apple Iphone 6s and one Korean – android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5.  Who will survive and will continue to work? Watch the video.

Burn Iphone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S5

Arson mobile devices takes place using…

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Crash Test smartphones (Part 1)

In this article you will see the video selection of the best crash test smartphones and tablets. In other words, the strength of the test phones. Here we will crush the screen to pieces with a hammer and beat the phone sledgehammer, hammer nails android smartphone, check the iphone the strength of the ax, drill to drill the screen, move…

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