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How to fix error measure on android

What if there was a error measure on android Smartphone and he connects and disconnects from wi-fi networks, plus sypyatsya errors in Adobe Air application? Read Androidground.

How to fix bugs measure for Android

Try a few mentioned below varinatov.

The quickest option is to do a complete reset to factory settings; To carry the mobile device in the service, but…
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Restore photos in whatsapp

Delete media files on your Android smartphone whatsapp and do not know how to recover? Today's article is devoted to the topic as recover deleted photos from whatsapp, as well as video, SMS correspondence and any file on a mobile device Android.

Instructions on how to recover files whatsapp

This information relates not only to the application whatsapp, but also…

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How to fix Android Error 0x1111004

There have problems with Android smartphone? Ask your question through the form of comments and we will try to help. The question of our readers: updating android an error 0x1111004, what to do and how to fix the error?

How to fix bugs 0x1111004 on Android The error occurs when updating Android,  you must try to revert back to an older…
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How to fix error 0x10007 on Android

The article focuses on our regular readers. What to do if you get out Error 0x10007 on Android? This error is related to the EA SPORTS UFC (the game company EA Games).

How to get rid of the error 0x10007

Representatives of the mobile division of the company EA Games disregarded our question It did not give any…

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How to fix error exhgange on Android

To us in the comments addressed the reader with a question Site "boot Android smartphones exhgange error takes on Android, what to do? And also there is a side effect on error, do not synchronize contacts with phone Viber # 39; th" The question was literally copied.

How to fix bugs exchange Go into Settings -gt; Application -gt; All…
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Restore phone book after a reset on Android

Lost Phone book after Reset Android smartphone to the factory settings? This problem is solved. Compilation of ways you’ll see below.

How to restore the phonebook for Android Restore the entire database of contacts (phone numbers), you can c using Sync contacts account with Google. If before you used the reset synchronization, all contacts from…
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How to recover deleted SMS in android whatsapp

You have lost important sms in whatsapp? Problem solved. Recover deleted sms vatsap on the mobile device Android is no different from other data recovery, such as photos, videos, music and so on.

How to restore SMS with whatsapp

For starters, you can use the standard to apply a whatsapp – is to…

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