Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, phablet


Market phablet devices is rapidly gaining momentum, Meet the two newcomers, Google Nexus 6 from Motorola. Hallmark of this phone is a 6-inch screen, which puts it on a serious level.  The second newcomer – Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. His chip is beveled  display. It is time to consider new items more to learn what pablet better.


Motorola is traditionally stronger in terms of build quality, compared with Samsung (remember, for example, a remnant of Galaxy S3), but so far we can not draw any conclusions which phone is made better. Galaxy Note Edge is more compact (151.3 x 82.4 x 8.3 mm) than the giant Motorola Nexus 6 (159.26 x 82.98 x 10.06 mm). Without a doubt, a small hand they will control more convenient.

The Korean manufacturer is proud to have done little more than 174 grams lightweight smartphone against 184. But the difference is not significant.


QHD  Screen on Nexus 6 is six inches and produces 493 pixels per inch Galaxy Edge has Super Amoled screen  5.6 inches and displays 525 pixels per inch. Both displays have a crystal clear picture.

Curved screen displays Edge  notification and certain types of information such as weather forecasting and application shortcuts. Generally good  but not  much needed contrast.


Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, phablet

Nexus 6, being a phone from Google (Motorola bought them) certainly get Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box, unlike his Korean counterpart, which is an update release about six months.  The upcoming release of Android, will bring many new features, as well as a visual redesign, making the platform even more desirable in the face of consumers.

Korean is another trump in their struggle against a competitor, and that S Pen stylus. For those who love to write notes very powerful argument. But many will cope on the virtual keyboard.

Processor and memory

Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, phablet

Both devices use a top Snapdragon processor 805, 4 cores at 2.7 GHz, video accelerator Adreno 420 GPU. Quite respectable configuration.

RAM on both models, 3 GB, it is enough for multitasking on mobile devices. Both phones are equipped with memory up to 32 GB. Samsung has a microSD card slot


There is nothing to say, 16 Mn  camera from Samsung  much better than 13 Mn at Motorola,  the point here is not in pixels, and image quality.  Plus the Koreans have image stabilization. As things stand with the front camera. Yet the difference ordinary man in the street is not so visible.

Battery life

Galaxy Note Edge comes with a rechargeable battery 3000 mAh battery, which has a good potential, but still it is not enough. Nexus 6  not gone far with his battery on 3220 mAh taking into account the slightly larger screen, we can not be sure that these additional 220 mAh  give it a competitive advantage. But there is a plus . Nexus has a wireless charging. Unfortunately, official information about battery life we ​​have.


After analyzing both models can be said that they are not so many significant differences, Samsung has a good camera, Motorola a new version of Android. Chamfered corners Koreans, I would not have reacted to a plus, because the probability dolbanut this point about something very high.

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