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In this article, the site will tell Androidground details about the features and secrets Android M, the new operating system, which is going to replace the Android Lollipop. It’s almost the same Lollipop, but it is much less errors and bugs, as well as in "Android Milk Cocktail" There are different undocumented features.

Features and Secrets Android M

  1. The first innovation  Android M- this new browser Chrome Custom Tabs — tabs that can be opened in any application;
  2. The system supports the fingerprint sensor by default;
  3. Added alert the user when an application wants to access the functionality of the device, for example, send an SMS or call.  This greatly improved the safety of work with this operating system. Now the safety is in your hands! Applications will request access to absolutely everything. It all depends on APP Permission settings;
  4. Support for fingerprint sensors at OSes – the system can not ask for your passwords, instead, you can put your finger;
  5. The new system is to copy and paste text;
  6. A new advanced system for energy, plunging your smartphone or tablet to sleep for a long time if you do not take it in hand. This possibility has already been verified by employees of Google. The effect has exceeded all expectations, the device can be in standby mode to 2 times longer;
  7. Support USB type C;
  8. Built-in Data backup system, which can be switched off if desired (not recommended);

The system is full of interesting pieces and innovation that once again shows Google care about the end-user. We hope that the get root rights It will be as easy as in previous versions of the operating system, but it all depends on your mobile device model.

One is not very interesting innovations – the new system Android Pay – this another attempt to make the payment system bicycle.

Property number Android M – 6.0, and the code name "Milkshake" if the recent change nothing as it was with Android Lime.

At this point we do not know where to download the Android M.