ZTE Star 2, how to root

You bought a smartphone ZTE Star 2, but not quite happy the purchase? Lack of functionality? It’s time to get root. Read manual how to root ZTE Star 2  from the website Rootgadget and don’t forget to watch the video.

Why root

This elevated privileges (access rights) in Android. You can disable the startup of the system apps , overclock the processor and other useful things. Recommend reading detailed article on this topic, where all chewed.

Instructions for obtaining root on ZTE Star 2

Administration site not responsible for your actions! On our website not paid programs and "left" instructions in case of any difficulties you can ask for help in comments.

To obtain root rights download RootGenius and follow instructions working with her. Follow all the steps and enjoy the result. Don’t forget to validate at root. Before you write a comment about the problem try to recheck your actions again, this will save your and my time.


ZTE Star 2 is a premium model with a voice assistant. The display gives a very rich colour, the camera does not miss the corners. The only thing the battery is weak. As well, no complaints on this flagship I don’t have. Thanks to ZTE.

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