battery, calibrate the battery, android

Tired of the fact that the battery of your Android smartphone enough only for a day maximum? Want to increase battery life Android, "calibrating" her?

Enlarge autonomous operating time battery life on Android a variety of ways:

  1. Reduce the brightness of the screen – the way is not very pleasing to the eye, to work in the dark – the vision of the port;
  2. Reduce the CPU speed when running neresursoŅ‘mkih prilozheniyah- notepad or when you start the game Need For Speed  processor running at the same frequency, as well as smart phones now all polls quad and better battery that sits pretty quickly. This can be corrected by lowering the processor frequency in certain applications. To do this, you definitely need root rights, as an application that performs these actions, without them can not work. Read the article how to reduce battery consumption on android.

And yet it is important to at least once a month to charge the battery up to the limit and discharged it to zero. If the battery is idle, inserted into the device, it loses its properties and capacity, as well as over time may finally die. Therefore, if you do not poluzuetes device – remove the battery, if technically possible.