Android tablet took her husband to read sms messages or just watch phone and faced with the protection in the form of photo-password? When unlocking the tablet is done with the face of the owner, ie a comparison of photographs of what is now and what has been done at the time of installation protection.

This protection technique is not a 100% and it can be removed, it turns out it’s even easier than bypassing Pattern Lock.

How to disable password photo on Android

Pritsnipe removing photo-password is quite simple, you need to find the person ovnera tablet photo or video close-up and bring it to the tablet, TV or monitor, then you can unlock Android smartphone by pointing the camera at the front output image. 

So you issued photo man for real kentyaru. Even the Android warns that that this method of protection is very unreliable and any kentyara similar to try to make you want to unlock your smartphone.