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In this article, I’ll give you screen release. We Are hide screen buttons on Android smartphones also called ihmozhno virtual, they are occupy a lot of precious space on our not very large screens.

To begin the process of hidden buttons How to root rights on your device. For those who want to read about the possibilities of Root rights you this way.

Hide buttons

Download APK application FullScreenToggle and Set your smartphone.
After starting you will see two buttons – disable the buttons on the screen "Disable nav bar, full screen"  and "Enable nav bar"  – Enable them.  Click on the "Disable", Do a reboot and everything.


Unfortunately quite without virtual Buttons us can not do,  there is a way to create a hidden alternate buttons that will  appear when you click on a specific, you specify area of ​​the screen,  the size and location of these buttons you choose. To do this, download the application LMT.

lmt android


If you do not had to taste application LMT, you can download analogue entitled full! screen.
It carries the same functionality, but with its raisins. Chip full! Screen is to set different actions at a time. For example, to cause the calculator long, open for a short note.

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