Do you feel that your SMS messages read until your phone is not with you? Of course you can not leave the mobile device 24 by 7, but a person needs a rest, so correct zaparolirovat posts on Android. On the safety of sms messages on android will tell you the site Androidground.

How to put a password on android Posts

Built-in Android, you can only create a secret drawer in it spryat your SMS messages, however, new come Posts are not in a secret drawer Android. How to get to the secret drawer see in the image below.

Therefore we recommend to use a third-party freeware application for example, Smart Applock. Take with google.

Or you can take it a similar application Application Protection. How to use the Application Protection I will not tell, everything is just elementary. Even people unfamiliar with Android mastered his  five minutes.

Where are the SMS in Android

Knowing the location of files with SMS, you can copy the important messages from your smartphone to any other medium that your data is safe.

File with sms is here: "/data/data/". With root rights, you can easily copy it to the device and read anywhere. And if you have not, Use application to backup SMS, for example, SMS Backup & Restore. View contents of the file, you can use SQLite editor.