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In this article we will discuss as to shoot (capture) video screen Android ustroystva? There are several ways. Read further.

Want to shoot an epic passage NFS Mostwanted or capture video of steep throw in Angry Birds. Below will be presented several methods.

Than to shoot video with screen Android

For smartphones and tablets with Android version 4.4 below (all versions up to kitkat) will have to How to root rights.

Root – privileges in the system Android (root) , allow complete control of the system , for example, to modify the system files to overclock and so on. To learn more about this and how to get it, you can read here.

If your device is running on Android 4.4 or Kitkat 5.0 Lollipop , you can do without root.  

Method 1

Advise the SCR program , she is the best in my case at least it is highly praised in the network. Making the video.

Application SCR easy to use , installed and pressed record. You can not even bother with settings everything works out of the box.  But you can penstraat , after all, is what.

video, screen, capture, record,
  • Resolution
  • Frame rate
  • The sound (on /off)

Download SCR in Google play market.

Method 2

The second place is given to application Rec. Free. Its main advantage – usability and ease of use , in General, all for the user.


  • Resolution
  • Bitrate
  • Recording time
  • To record sound
  • Video name
video, screen, capture, record,

Video using the program below