To your Android smartphone or tablet got a strange virus extortionist or just what that Trojan quietly sending SMS to short numbers? Perhaps your device is a victim of such a message:

android extortionist, remove the virus with android

 There are several options to get rid of similar malware.

How to remove a virus from an extortionist Android devices

  • Connect your mobile device as a removable drive to your computer and scan any device Antivirus, free of charge or absolutely does not matter vaunted Kaspersky trying to jump over his ass, no better than the free AVG.
  • Can install mobile Android antivirus from the official website of the manufacturer or from Google Play, there are both paid and free
  • Carry the mobile device in the service, there will understand what’s going on and will require an amount not less than the virus-extortionist, I think the service you get up to 1,000 rubles mininimum