unroot, remove the root, right

Unroot – a procedure of deprivation (remove) root rights.  Why do Unroot? If you want to for some reason to pass your device to a service center or simply exchanged in the store, you’ll have to remove it with root rights, in general, to return everything as it was before you, as any interference, whether flashing or receiving Root rights automatically leads to the rejection of the store warranty.

How to remove the root rights

The delete function root rights are in many popular programs, such as, Kingo, Vroot and many others.

  • To make the best use unroot the same program, you get superuser.
  • If something does not work, you can always flash the firmware device standard, one that was in the store.  As a result, at the time of your Android smartphone back into the room, no one will suspect you will change it or give money without any problems.

To view the video spread on the Universal unroot in English, but the user’s actions clear and easy to repeat.