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We bought a tablet from the company Dexp and do not know how to get root rights? Article How to root DEXP Ursus TS170 LTE on the site Androidground, tell how to do it.

What is the right Root

It is the privilege of the operating system, entitling the super administrator. With root rights, you can delete your unwanted system applications, modify the startup list, stop the service processor overclocking and more. To get more details, and check out the case studies can be application here.

Before receive root, I recommend you Make backup of important information (contacts phonebook).

A process for preparing  root DEXP Ursus TS170 LTE

Founders and administration site Androidground not responsible for your actions! On our website you will find only proven in the instructions and free software, in the case of technical problems you can ask for help in the comments. You can help moderators or regular users of our website. But before you do, try to re-read the instructions and recheck your actions. Again you did not get the result? Otpishite comments model data device firmware version Android (remember the exact description of the problem accelerates its solution).

Method one

    • Download application Towelroot APK, copy to your device and install. When you fly out of the window as in the photo below, I advise you to ignore such a text. Many manufacturers Anroid devices against such applications.

      right root, qumo quest 507

    • If you believe that it is not necessary to install the application, look for another how to root
    • After installation, you’ll see a button "make it rain" . you have to press

      right, root, qumo quest 507

    • When an application Restart the device – it is a signal that all is finished
    • It remains to establish the application SuperSu,  taking it from our website or Google play, after a reboot the device again

    As you can see everything went quickly and easily, if you remove a detailed description of the action, then everything can be put in 2 steps.

    If you mess up, you watch the video to work with towelroot, simply repeat the steps from it.

Method two

  • Download KingoRoot a computer

  • Perform installation and start

  • Connect your tablet to the computer via the microUSB cable
  • Wait until you see Kingo your smartphone
    DNS AirTab MA7001 root. kingo
  • You certainly will be written in your model, and not as pictured
  • Click Root (located at the bottom center)

    DNS AirTab MA7001 root. kingo

  • Wait for the process and restart the device

  • Do not forget to check the existence of a root

  • With this program, Kingo also possible and remove Route 1-click

Watch a video on how to use if you suddenly see what that error.

After closure process, make check on video.

How unlock unlock pattern

Information about as unlock key on the graphic DEXP Ursus TS170 LTE It is located in This article. Several methods for different versions of the operating system Android. Best of all to establish clearly known graphic key and unlock the ability to test, to be ready for any situation.

Review DEXP Ursus TS170 LTE

Not thrilled with the tablet. Russian companies have not learned yet to do something worthwhile and even close to resembling a basement China for the same money. Lousy service, do not wait for any updates! Camera making pictures  very poor quality, but this is nonsense, the main problem – it’s shortcomings and Brakes . Acquired just to see what they are capable Russian Company, these words I do not generalize all Russian Engineers and want to show how far they fell information technology in Russia. All "tainted" west! Find & Buy Case, headphones or other accessories the device can be here.