Explay Air, Root

Bought smartphone Explay Air and see that the functional is not enough, you can not remove the application from the system startup, some programs require root  right? It’s time to get them.

What is Root

This super administrator rights, as they are received, you will have full access to OS Android, the ability to edit config files, manage startup and so on. Read more article with examples is there.

Installation manual root rights Explay Air

Explay Air, Root

Administration is not responsible for your actions. Warning! Verified information on the model of Air.

Take application Eroot and repeat all the steps here this instructions. In case of difficulty, please contact the comments.


The company Explay I do not particularly like it because it’s cheap china, but recently gained my respect very powerful and inexpensive model Phantom. Air costs cheaper, but almost does not lag behind in performance.

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