Fly IQ4516 root, fly iQ, tornadoes, Slim

Purchased a smartphone Fly IQ4516 Tornado Slim Octa and there is a lack of functionality? It is time to expand the capabilities of the device, received root law.  Read the instructions on the site Rootgadget and watch videos.

What is Root and why

It is the privilege of the operating system Android, it has administrative rights, you can have full access to system files, remove the application from the system startup, and more. More detailed article with examples available there.

A method for producing root Fly IQ4516

Download the program Kingo from our website or officially, further repeat all the steps this instructions. Identical sequence of actions. No specific computer knowledge you do not need. The program does almost everything for you.

Below is a video showing how to work with the program.

After execution of the instruction, test Root.


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