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Do you have a new smartphone Highscreen Power Five and you think, how to extend the functionality of the device and get root rights? Then the article How to root Highscreen Power Five Androidground from the site made especially for you.

What is the right Root

This superuser (system administrator) that expand the capabilities of your device, you will be able to overclock protsescor, change the color LEDs on the call and other useful and not so small things. More information can be found here and see examples in practice.

Before getting root – it is recommended to make backup of important information (contacts phonebook).

Instructions for obtaining root on Highscreen Power Five

Androidground site administration is not responsible for your actions! On our site you will find only been tested in practice instructions and free software, in case of problems you can write about the problem in the comments. You try to help the moderators or regular users of our website. But before you do, try to read the instructions again and double-check your actions. Again you do not get a result? Otpishite comments model data device firmware version Android (remember that nasty comments you will not speed up the process).

Method Number 1

  • We need to download program KingoRoot on computer, do the installation and run it
  • Connect to your computer device via microUSB cable (it is desirable that he was the original from manufacturer)
  • Wait until you see Kingo device

    root Highscreen Power Five

  • Click Root (located at the bottom center)

    root rights Highscreen Power Five

  • Wait for the process and restart the device

  • Do not forget make check

  • With Kingo also possible and remove root right when you want it

Below is a video showing how to work with the program.

Method two

  • FROM our website or the official download program Root Genius
  • Enable USB debugging on your device (USB Debugging) and connect it to a computer via microUSB wires
    root rights Highscreen Power Five
    root rights Highscreen Power Five

    • Wait until your definition Device Applications
    • Press "Root now"  and the process starts
root rights Highscreen Power Five
After completing rutirovaniya restart your smartphone and check the root device for watching video.
root rights Highscreen Power Five
Those that either could not watch the video, showing how to work with RootGenius, see below.

Review Highscreen Power Five

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