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Do you have problems with your smartphone, you want to expand standard functional and have more freedom of action? Article how to root Huwei P8 written for those who want to get root on Huwei P8. To begin, I will bring you into the swing of things.

What is the root of law

Is This higher privileges in the operating system Android, allowing to do everything. Control clock frequency processor, delete system applications, edit startup applications. Everything to make the phone for themselves, in other words to customize. Practical examples that More you can do with root, you can learn to detailed article.

Manual to obtain root Huwei P8

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  • C our website or the official download program Root kit
  • Enable USB debugging on your device (USB Debugging) and connect it to a computer via microUSB wires
    Manta X7, how to root, root rights
    • Wait determine your Device Applications
    Manta X7, how to root, root rights

  • Press "Root now"  and the process starts

    Manta X7, how to root, root rights

  • After completion rutirovaniya restart smartphone and check the device for root, watch the video below.

    Manta X7, how to root, root rights



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