keneksi orion

Have a smartphone Keneksi  Orion, but lacks functionality? Do not rush to change a new one. You can How to root rights and expand the capabilities of the device.

What is the root

This super administrator rights, as they are received, you will have full access to the operating system Android, the ability to edit config files, manage system applications, delete them and so dalee.Naprimer. More detailed article with examples is there.

Installation manual root rights KENEKSI Orion

keneksi orion

We need to work program RootGenius , I gave instructions in an article for Qumo Quest 456 It also has been tested on Orion. You we just have to download the program and follow the steps in the instructions. If you have questions unsubscribe in the comments.

At the end recommend checking checker there you have rights. On this topic I have prepared a video.

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