Micromax Q335 Bolt, root rights, android, firmware micromax

Bought a new smartphone and meditate how to get root rights Micromax Q335 Bolt? Site Tizenroot and Article How to root Micromax Q335 Bolt will tell you how to do it.

The fact that such a root rights, how they work, what benefits to provide the factory firmware, etc., can be found at detailed article.

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Option 1 (using RootGenius)

  1. Loading on our link Root Genius or from the official site of the developer;
  2. Connect your smartphone to your computer using microUSB cable;
  3. We wait until the program see our device;
    Huawei Honor 3C Play, root rights, firmware, how to root, android

  4. Push button "Root now" and start the process gain root rights;

    Huawei Honor 3C Play, root rights, firmware, how to root, android

  5. Once the process is complete – to reset the mobile device and make a check for root rights, watching video below.

Option 2 (using Kingo)

  • Download the software KingoRoot a computer;

  • Install and run the program;

  • Connecting to a computer the mobile device via the microUSB cable;
  • We wait until the program Kingo see our device and proceed to further action
    DNS AirTab MA7001 root. kingo
  • You certainly will be written in your model, and not as pictured;
  • Click the dark button Root (it is located at the bottom center)

    DNS AirTab MA7001 root. kingo

  • We wait until the end of the end of the process and do restart the machine;

  • Check the device to the existence of the rights of root;

  • With this program, Kingo also possible and remove root in 1 click.

If you have something does not work, you can always watch the video how to work with the program and repeat the steps from it.

After the process is ended – Make checks on availability root on video.

My Review Micromax Q335 Bolt

The device is simple in it there is no-frills kind of cool camera or a powerful processor. Smartphone middle class with a bunch of small defects, sometimes freezes and loses connection. One of the best advantages of the machine is a low price, for which you get a good set of small problems and poor communication. And the body of the Micromax poorly assembled! Phone stitched without problems, root rights Micromax Q335 Bolt I managed to get twenty minutes, that is, without any suffering.