Digma Linx 6.0, root, root, right

Bought a new smartphone Digma Linx 6.0, but I see what you are missing functionality and want to How to root rights? You have reached the right place.

Root rights increase privileges on the Android operating system and you get different opportunities while optimizing your device. More about this can be read here.


Linx quite heavy model,  weighs 246 grams , in your pocket is quite noticeable and I like it  on Board is a Quad-core processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM, a 6 inch screen with high resolution of 720×1280 , do not expect this model qualities brand flagships , it’s simple nonam the Chinese , who only learns the basics of basement telefonstroy.

How to root

Digma Linx 6.0, root, root, right

Was used by the program BaiduRoot , take identical instruction from LG L Fino and we do everything in exactly the same way on Digma Linx 6.0.  For any questions waiting for your message in the comments.

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