lg, L fino, root, baiduroot

B This article is our object of study LG L Fino, smartphone budget class with IPS display, thanks to quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM draws practically any play, at least at medium setting.  To make use of the smartphone more effective it is necessary to obtain root law.

How to root to the LG L Fino

Follow everything step by step, but before that make sure to properly charge the device.

lg, L fino, root, baiduroot
  1. Download the app Baiduroot APK, we have Russian version
    lg, L fino, root, baiduroot
  2. Copy to phone and set, by agreeing to use
  3. Click to abandon modernization (departure of such a request)
  4. Click on the button "How to root"
  5. Wait for a while, the program will notify you when finished
  6. Check whether there was Root, it can be done is there

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