kingorut, root, Qumo QUEST 475

The article is devoted Android smartphone  Qumo QUEST 475. This unit is like a whole lot Quest is a budget, but it may be noted that for the money the phone has an excellent performance. Here are just a graphics accelerator Mali 400 is the last century, this was another on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

In this article, I pursued the aim to get root rights. Repeating my actions, you agree that I am responsible for the further performance of your smartphone.

Obtain root on Qumo QUEST 475

  • We will use the Kingo Root – the program has long been the sympathy of users, as well as the application framarut.
  • Download Kingo and install on the computer
    kingorut, root, Qumo QUEST 475

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer using the micro USB cable
  • Run the program and wait when she sees connected device
    kingorut, root, Qumo QUEST 475

  • Press "Root Again" right and wait for the phone itself will not be restarted.

If something went wrong I recommend to watch the video on how to use.

If you want to remove obtained root access, for example because you have to pass the device into service, read more article.

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