reviews, DNS S5008, root, right, BPS

Today we will look at buggy Android smartphone DNS S5008 will get on it root rights. To get started, insert your  angry , but fair review about the phone. We can say that the purchase of this smartphone is one of the ways to throw away your money. The company DNS eating almost the basement the Assembly device the Chinese of the cheapest materials,  and glues their stickers with logo, showing the price as a competitive device. To support their smartphones and tablets on Android, the company does not undertake no steps. Not released not one firmware or update , all is assumed and buggy.  What is product support and loyalty to the users BPS probably does not know. Don’t believe me? Believe me  army users who write angry reviews on the web.

How to root rights on DNS S5008

  1. Download the program Framaroot us or somewhere else
  2. Copy Pamarot on the phone
  3. Install and start doing
  4. Select Install SuperSU and exploit processor Mediatek  I used Faramir
    reviews, DNS S5008, root, right, BPS

  5. Wait for this message
    reviews, DNS S5008, root, right, BPS

Everything is ready, you can use, you may need to update your version of SuperSU from Google Play.

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