Sony Xperia E4, root rights, how to root

Bought Android smartphone and do not know how to extend its functionality and elevate privileges on the operating system Android? Your wanderings across the network over! B Article How to root Sony Xperia E4 Site of Androidground we will look at how to get root right Sony Xperia E4. After that, you can squeeze the most out of your smartphone.

What is the root and why you need it

Is This higher privileges in the operating system Android, allowing to do everything. Control clock frequency processor, delete system applications, edit startup applications. Everything to make the phone for themselves, in other words to customize. Practical examples that More you can do with root, you can learn to detailed article.

Manual to obtain root Sony Xperia E4

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Before installing root rights recommend make backup Important Information (contacts).


GSmart Akta A4, how to root, root rights

I will give you links to instructions, because they do not see any reason to re-write the same thing on the other pages of the site.

Method 1 (using Rootgenius)

  • Download RootGenius Laying down on computer  and run
  • Connect your phone to your computer via microUSB cord  .  upon enabling USB debugging in the Android settings
    Philips S398 root, root Philips s398
  • Wait while the program will see the device and  Press the green button root
    root, galaxy alpha, samsung, set
  • Expect the process to finish and automatic installation of applications KingUser
    root, galaxy alpha, samsung, set
  • If you see an icon KingUser in established means you will succeed
    root, galaxy alpha, samsung, set

Way 2 (use Eroot)

Download the program Eroot on the computer and carefully follow instructions to work with her.

Both methods were tested on the Sony Xperia E4. First first, then was made complete removal of the root process rights and then tried the second method.

To test for the presence of root Rights watch the video below. About the program to remove root rights and how to make the removal you can read is there.
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