Fly IQ4400, root, install, dingdong

Purchased a new Android smartphone Fly IQ4400  and you think that kind of nonsense, and why it is so functional is cut or put part of the programs? It’s time to How to root rights to this device, for those who are new, there is a detailed article with examples of the possibilities Root rights, you can read there.

How to root on Fly IQ4400

  • Download the app Dingdong  and copy to your smartphone
  • The app was Chinese, but Russified
  • Install Dingdong, at this stage, as can always come out a warning about the dangers of the unknown device

  • Run  and press the button to get Root

    dingdong, root, fly iq4400


After the process, you can check whether there checker Root law. Video Verification below to watch to the end.


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