Turbo X5 Star, root, Root

Purchased a new smartphone Turbo X5 Star, but not enough privileges and functionality? You need to How to root rights. They increase the privilege Android operating system and extend functionality in more detail in the examples read is there.

How to root to Turbo X5 Star

Installing Root rights occurred through the program BaiduRoot all generally understood on an intellectual level, but I recommend to read the instructions Huawei Ascend Mate Route 7 it examines the work with Baidu.

Review of Turbo X5 Star

Turbo X5 Star, root, Root

Another Chinese droidfon problem to find cover in the city, it is easier to order directly from the Chinese. For your money you get nice big screen, 5-megapixel camera strĐĹmnuyu, quad-core MediaTek MT6582 and 1 GB of RAM. All this is enough to run games on average FPS.

In general, the phone is not a fountain, I do not see any updates and fixes for small and medium-sized problems.

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