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Bought a new device from Xiaomi on Android and want to improve its functionality? The article How to root Xiaomi Redmi 2 from site Androidground, I’ll show you how to get root rights Xiaomi Redmi 2. This device will give additional opportunities, as I’ll explain below.

root is

This super user rights on the operating system Android (elevated privileges). You can draw an analogy with ordinary unprivileged user and system administrator. System Administrator has more elevated privileges compared to the normal user. You can delete your unwanted system applications, overclock the CPU by changing the clock frequency, stop any services, including system and much more. In general, the device can completely customize. Look at this in more detail and to see examples of the use in practice can be there.

Before the root, it is recommended to backup important information (number phonebook).

A method of producing  root rights Xiaomi Redmi 2

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There are 2 ways to get root on the device, through the program Kingo – watch is there, through the program Rootgeniusthere.

Review of Xiaomi Redmi 2

Xiaomi  fairly well-known Chinese brand, the money was not very much and I do not hesitate to chose this brand. The device has a good IPS display, quad-core processor midrange and mediocre graphics accelerator. To the surprise of every game runs without brakes.

The build quality of the device I liked it. There is no gap, no squeaks. Find and Buy Case, headphones or other accessories the device can be is there.