Yota YotaPhone 2 root, Root itapon

I greet you , dear readers. Acquired his beloved Yota YotaPhone 2 and lack of functionality? It’s time to How to root rights.

What is the root

In simple terms , it privileges the Android operating system, i.e. the right super administrator, you will be able to have full access to system files, remove system apps from startup and more. To learn more about  examples can here.

Reviews about Yota YotaPhone 2

Phone  constantly restarts and often loses the network. The level of development of the company is 5 years ago from Western counterparts, and repeats their mistakes , while wrings unreasonable price for their products.

Very annoying poor response of the touch screen and the quality of e-ink on black and white back the screen far behind compared to the e-book Sony. After 2 months started to seize the volume rocker! When charging the smartphone gets very hot.

Disgusting service. The device is crude, often denied certain elements, but to recognize these facts developers don’t want. Customers do not appreciate. Very sorry spent 33,000 rubles.  If you don’t believe me, read the reviews on Yandex market.

Itapon this shit. If the purchase has not passed 14 days strongly recommend to take the device and return the money.

Instruction obtaining root Yota YotaPhone 2

The administration is not responsible for your actions! On our website not paid programs and "left" instructions in case of any difficulties you can ask for help in comments.

  • Download KingoRoot on the computer

  • Please install and run

  • Connect your computer to the tablet via microUSB cable
  • Wait until Kingo will see apparatus

    DNS AirTab MA7001 root. kingo

  • Click the Root button (located at the bottom center)

    DNS AirTab MA7001 root. kingo

  • Wait for the process to finish and reboot the device

  • Using Kingo also you and remove root

In the video below there is an example of working with the program if suddenly you could not locate.

If you want to get help on this issue , please describe your problem in more detail.



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