ZTE Blade L3, root rights, how to root

You have a new device from Microsoft ZTE  on Android and I think to improve its functionality? Article How to root ZTE Blade L3 from the website Androidground, I will show you how to get root rights on ZTE Blade L3. This will give the device a lot of advantages, you can read about it along the way.

root law

This privileges in the operating system Android. After receiving these privileges can, for example, to overclock, hide the on-screen buttons and other useful things. More understandable practical examples are given in this article.

To get root, it is recommended to make a backup of important information (non phonebook).

 The way to get  root ZTE Blade L3

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Before work, recharge the battery at least 50%.

The first way

  • We need to download program KingoRoot on the computer to do the install and run it
  • Connect to computer device via a microUSB cable (it is desirable that he was the original from manufacturer)
  • Wait until Kingo will see device

    DNS AirTab MA7001 root. kingo

  • Click the Root button (located at the bottom center)

    DNS AirTab MA7001 root. kingo

  • Wait for the process to finish and reboot the device

  • Don’t forget to validate

  • Using Kingo also you and remove root right if you want it

Here is a video showing how to work with the program.

The second way

  • Download program Root Genuus
  • Enable USB debugging on your device (USB Debugging) and connect it to the computer using a microUSB cable.
    Manta X7, how to root, root law
    • Wait identify your device program
    Manta X7, how to root, root law

  • Click "Root it"  and the process starts

    Manta X7, how to root, root law

  • After rodirovanie restart the phone and check the unit for any Ruta , after watching the video below.

    Manta X7, how to root, root law

    Review ZTE Blade L3

    So, it came to my feedback. Big five-inch smartphone with a good screen, the build quality on high, out of the box installed Android Lollipop thing as gun Chapaevsk, so you can date the Chav under eye put :-D.

    From mini disadvantages : RAM is 1 GB and the internal memory is not enough. But not to say that this is a huge problem. All applications run, even very demanding on hardware. The battery of course sits down quickly, it is necessary to carry the charge.  Buy case, headphones or other accessories for this device, you here.