broken display, android

Broke the display on your Android smartphone and you need to copy the data , and the cost of replacing the glass becomes adequate border?

Instructions designed for a device in which something is displayed. If you have absolutely extinct display , then unfortunately we do not know how you can help.

How to solve the problem

Method 1

Download program to control the device on the computer.

  • For Samsung — Kies
  • For HTC — HTC Sync
  • For Sony — PC Comanion
  • Huawei — HiSuite

For other manufacturers don’t know what, maybe not for them at all.

Method 2

Take OTG adapter (USB to microUSB) and connect the mouse. Video is available below. Please note that not all the devices support connecting devices, input/output via microUSB.

Method 3

The most complex method. To use it you need to get on the device root rights.

What is Root

This root access, after receiving them, you can greatly extend the functionality. For example, control system applications, to overclock and so on. More information can be found here.

Once root is obtained, you need to install the program MyMobiler , with it you can control the device from the computer. After installation, turn on the display and can connect from your computer to your phone and copy the data where necessary. Video on the program below.