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Decided to record memorable videos with the record in the game Fifa 2015 or a video tutorial on setting up Android for beginners? For this you will have to capture video from screen Android. In this article, the website Androidground will tell you how to do it.

How to make video recording screen Android

So, if your device has Android kitkat or higher, then you can read detailed article, which lists what programs and how to record video from the screen of Android.

If you have OS version 4.4 (Kitkat) , then you have to get root rights, so that you had the opportunity to use software to capture video.

What is the root

It increased privileges in the operating system, allowing you to do everything. To control a clock frequency of processor to delete system apps, edit the startup applications. All to make the phone itself, in other words to customize. Practical examples that more you could do with root, you can find in detailed article.