deksp Ursus, DEXP Ursus 8E mini 3G, Root rights

You have purchased a tablet DEXP Ursus 8E mini 3G,  There is a lack of functionality? It’s time to How to root rights, which we will do in this article. 

Capabilities Root rights

Root – it privileges OS Android. Get it . you open the device in a bunch of new features. For example, you can optimize performance go lower energy consumption, and more. The possibilities are many, a closer look at the examples can be is there.


Instructions receivable root rights DEXP Ursus 8E mini 3G

  1. Charge the smartphone for 50% or more
  2. Install the application towelroot to your smartphone by downloading it is there
  3. Then run and press "make it rain"
    DNS S4006, review, root, right
  4. Along the way, the device itself reboot and turn
  5. After switching on you check out to Root

If you mess have a video on working with towelroot, simply repeat the steps from it.



Reviews Company Deksp I have not optimistic, but they are. At least you can see a fair criticism, but not the paid PR.

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