Iphone 6s, shit, m

Today in our editorial office vehemently wondered which is of concern to all able-bodied citizens Iphone 6S shit for TP (translated in the soft dull perdelka) or a smartphone and the future King of shiny party? 

What do they say about the iphone 5s – it sucks. Watch the video

So let’s move to the important facts

Why Iphone 6s shit

  • Golimy Ponte – many bought try to show how insignificant you have a smartphone and what an idiot you are buying this machine on credit;
  • This stub !;
  • For the money, you can buy two flagship from Sony, HTC, Samsung, LG – the overpayment to the person;
  • Buying "iPhone". many do not know how to use all of its functionality and pay for good marketing, word of mouth stupid of people and normal dialer with good design;
  • Students tupeyut and become more daring the company’s products from the apple.