magic dosbox, a free dos emulator

In this article I provide an overview of Magic DOSBox is emulator DOS for Android ,  is the port of the DOSBox program in operating system Android. At the time 2015 it is still under development and testing , so if it starts at some possible glitches , which promptly corrected by the authors.

Features Of Magic Doxbox

With the help of Magic Dosbox  you can run your favorite DOS games on your tablet and smartphone. Unlike similar applications , DOSBox optimized for use on touch screens. The emulator has a free and paid version , the difference lies in the fact that in the latter there is an additional widgets and a little more comfort. But I will tell you that the free version has left me with good impressions.

See below the most interesting! Video run Doom on Android.

Video of the launch of Diablo.

Download Magic Dosbox on Google Play.

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