Digma Optima 4.01, towelroot

This article will appear in front of us smartphone Digma Optima 4.01 and we’ll get to it root law. This manual is also suitable for the model 4.0, which was verified.

What is the root

Root rights prepared for improving operating system privileges  Android.  After that, you can greatly expand the capabilities of the device. Make automated actions, such as automatically turn off the sound at the right time. It was a simple example, in more detail, see this article.

Installation manual root rights Digma Optima 4.01

  • In the settings Android allow the installation of applications from unknown sources
    Digma Optima 4.01, root rights
  • Download application Towelroot APK and copy to your device.
  • Install the application and make a run

    Digma Optima 4.01, root rights

  •  Press"make it rain"
  • Make check Root

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