Effire CityPhone Astra QHD, Root rights

You have chosen and bought a smartphone in a store Effire CityPhone Astra QHD and want to use all its features? To extend the functionality necessary to obtain root law.

Why do I need Root

This will expand the capabilities of your device, you will be able to overclock the processor to change the color of the LED on the call and other useful and not so little things. The fact that such a rut can be read is there.

Installation manual root rights Effire CityPhone Astra QHD

Administration is not responsible for your actions! On our site there is no fee-based programs and "Left" instructions, in case of any difficulty you can ask for help in the comments.  In general, nothing complicated is not here.

  • In the settings Android allow the installation of applications from unknown sources
    root, Digma Plane 8.4 3G
  • Download application Towelroot APK Copy to your device and install. When installation is possible to prevent that this application can be dangerous, and so on (smartphone manufacturers do not favor the possibility of obtaining root privileges).
  • Run Tovelrut
    htc, desire 516, Root, towelroot

  • Push a single button and wait for the automatic device reboot in 15 seconds
  • After you download it remains to verify how to install Root, it can be done on a short video briefing.

If you mess have a video on working with towelroot, simply repeat the steps from it.

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