Alcatel, POP D5, 5038D

Bought a new model of Android smartphone Alcatel POP D5 5038D, but it was felt that not enough functionality? It’s time to How to root law. What is it? Why do they get? I recommend for beginners read.

Setting root on Alcatel POP D5

Administration is not responsible for your actions.

  1. Charge the battery unit at a level of 50%
  2. Download Framarut and copy to the phone memory
  3. Make installation Framaroot APK and run
    Alcatel, POP D5, 5038D
  4. Select SuperSU and Boromir / Faramir / Barahir (all are suitable for CPU MTK)
  5. Wait for the result in the form of reports of success After which reset the unit
    Alcatel, POP D5, 5038D
  6. Check Root rights through checker

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