X-pad SKY 8.1, root, teXet TM-8054

Bought a tablet  teXet X-pad SKY 8.1 ( TM-8054) and understand that functionality is not enough, you can not set up Android to suit your needs? Want to get root right? Rootgadget perform.

What gives opportunities Root

After receiving it, you can  core Android change for example, edit configs or overclock cpu. Opportunities for mass, a closer look at the examples can be is there.

Installation manual root rights  teXet TM-8054

No one is responsible for your actions.

Download the app to your tablet Towelroot, install and follow the  instructions Screened for TM-8054. Performing therein all the steps, make check device to Root.

If you mess have a video on working with towelroot, simply repeat the steps from it.

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