Decided to look at the Android tablet grandson read whatsapp messages or simply popolzovavshis tablet and collided with the protection in the form of photo-password? When unlocking the device by using ovnera person, that is a comparison of images of what is now and what has been done at the time of installation protection.

This method of protection is not reliable and it can be circumvented, it is even easier than bypassing Pattern Lock.

How to remove photo-password on Android

The bypass password photo simple enough, you need to find the person ovnera smartphone photo or video close-up and bring it to the tablet, TV or monitor, then you can unlock Android smartphone by pointing the camera at the front of the output image. 

As a result, you will be issued a photo for this person kentyaru. Even the Android notify you that this is very inefficient way to protect any kent similar to you want to Unlock your phone.