Restore phone book after a reset on Android

Lost Phone book after Reset Android smartphone to the factory settings? This problem is solved. Compilation of ways you’ll see below.

How to restore the phonebook for Android

  • Restore the entire database of contacts (phone numbers), you can c using Sync contacts account with Google. If before you used the reset synchronization, all contacts from the phone book are alive;
  • The second option is even more simple, go to the Google account and export contacts to a file, then import the contacts into the phone;
  • The third way – a prepared backup, such as using Titanium Backup;
  • Another option – to request a printout of calls and SMS operator, to understand where the troot whose number will be very difficult;
  • If the missing files, read this instructions.

As you can see all the options easier to nowhere, and even a novice, poorly versed in the operating system Android, will be able to restore phone book.