Asus ZenWatch, where to buy

In this article, we review a small proizvedёm Android Asus ZenWatch hours and see where they can buy.

Android clock began to fill the market . but so far Special demand is observed. Model ZenWatch  stands out from the gray mass for several reasons.

  • Almost rectangular display, with rounded edges mirror
  • This is the first device from the competition, offering customization.

The technical stuffing

Cpu Snapdragon 400, 512 MB RAM,  Built-in Memory 4 GB, and 1.63-inch display with a resolution of 320×320 pixels. Protection standard IP55, unfortunately, this standard does not protect the device when immersed in water.

Where to buy

Official Clock Asus ZenWatch will go on sale on November 9 at the US for $ 199 which is about 9,200 rubles at the rate of 46 rubles to the dollar. At the moment, the model can be ordered on Ebay and Amazon.

Find and buy a case, headphones or other accessories for this device here.