In today’s article we will review recall to BQ BQS-4701 Venice, and very firm.

Criticism of the case

The smartphone is a full-blooded Chinese basement for 3000 rubles, possibly prohibitive levels of radiation, no one really checked.  Surprised by the audacity of Shanghai baryg that stolen logo Beats . produces good headphones sound,  and prisobachit it on the back cover of his basement unit. Below you can see that on the face of obvious plagiarism.

If you bought the gadget of the company, do not expect that you will provide when someone update Android, no service only hardcore, but the way and the price is very low.

My benchmark test

I drove the device on some games like Asphalt 8, slightly retarding at medium settings, but you can play. Telephone more for to read office documents. The camera did not like me at all, these are 2 megapixels do not know where to stick straight.  Root rights to BQS Venice already available on our website.

Estimating this model BQ BQS-4701 Venice on a scale, I would put a generous three.

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