DEXP Ixion X, revocation, vyser

Here you will read my rave review of the smartphone DEXP Ixion X and its problems.


I present to you Android smartphone DEXP Ixion X is regular vyser degeneration of the Russian market, which is the analogue of production DNS Yota Phone, Highscreen, Megafon Login+ and other foot shit. With referring to the device as would be normal, but pooltables d to get root rights, it’s not really off the ground.

Problems of smartphone

One of the annoying problems, constant glitches when using two sim cards. Maybe n is

If you bought this error engineer, I recommend you immediately take it back to the store. Do not agree to the entreaties of the store managers, do not change slag DEXP on the slag DNS or Yota Phone, it is their job to sculpt the hunchback. Within 14 days you can exchange the device for normal like Samsung or LG, a little paying the depreciated Russian rubles.

In General, taught by bitter experience, I will no longer buy equipment made under ro If you decided not to take this stuff in the store, buy case, headphones or other accessories for this device, you here.