Samsung Galaxy S6, reviews, buy, accessories

This article will give my impressions about the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6, is not detailed review device and  just my honest Review of Samsung Galaxy S6.

Review of Samsung Galaxy S6

Who would call this smartphone remnant, but it is only a hasty conclusion. The screen is very bright and gives rich colors, watching movies a pleasure. The viewing angle of the screen is very large. Quality pictures like a good soap dishes average price category. With the SLR will not compare – it’s stupid.

Performance simply brutal – the top one word! Full HD movies are played back without hesitation, any games run at a maximum. Minus all this power – heating the apparatus.

Battery lasts for a day with the active use probably because still relatively new. Further, the ability of the battery a little fade. I wear just in case an extra battery and a conventional black-and-white dialer for 1000 rubles.

Specific deficiencies do not see this relative lack of price, not everyone can afford such a phone. I do not regret the money spent (a third of the monthly salary). Instructions to get root rights to be is there.

Find and Buy Leather cover, headphones or adapters (eg, microUSB, miniUSB, and others) the device can be there.