rundo Q5-s, review, crash test

This article will provide an overview android smartphone Rundo Q5-s, a brief but informative for the average user . to understand whether it is worth buying this beast. Root rights to this phone can be obtained from adjacent article.

Reviews of Runbo Q5-S

Rather unusual shockproof smartphone level protection IP67, the possibility of short-term immersion in water and capacious battery 4200 mAh. Performance is normal, but tops like HTC M8 certainly is, and should understand that this is not a branded smartphone to the requirements of the stringent requirements.

Of the alleged minuses can be noted  risk that the tires  around the body may eventually fall off, as it was with a very expensive phone brand Land Rover. And of course, the weight of 340 grams,  we assume that this men-only phone.

And now to the most interesting video crash tests, the model Rundo Q5 / X5 / Q5-s,  on used Protection models there is no difference. Crash tests from simple to hard.


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