Rootgenius, root, ZTE Nubia Z7 Max

Bought a new smartphone ZTE Nubia Z7 Max and I want to get root right, but does not work? Read website Rootgadget.

Root is right super administrator in the system , can be done with them all, even to remove system apps from startup. You may learn in this records.

Installation instructions Root on ZTE Nubia Z7 Max

For work, we will need the program RootGenius , the instructions I gave in the article for Qumo Quest 456. You just need to download the program and follow the steps in the instructions. In the case of failure, try again , and if it doesn’t work unsubscribe in the comments and you will help.

In the end I recommend checking the checker have Root rights. On this topic, I have prepared a video.

Review of this model

Rootgenius, root, ZTE Nubia Z7 Max

Top model Chinese brand with good design taste of the upper price segment.  The device is Packed with everything you can: screen  with FullHD resolution and  a diagonal of 5.5 inches  the video accelerator Adreno 330, 2 GB RAM, battery 3100 mAh.  In General you will not get at the roots , creeks and squeaks is not detected, the picture is very clear as to the latest models from Sony.

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