Etuline S5042, Root instruction

Welcome You dear readers. Acquired smartphone Etuline S5042 , and functionality is missing? Cannot uninstall unwanted system apps? Want to get root right? The website Rootgadget will perform.

What is Root

It privileges the Android operating system, allowing the system. For example, to improve performance or to automate routine actions. A more detailed description is available here.

Installation instructions Root rights Etuline S5042

  • Download the application Dingdong  and copied to the device
  • On Android will allow the installation of applications from unknown sources unknown to all except playmarket , monopoly turns)

    Etuline S5042, Root instruction

  • Set Dingdong, at this stage, as can always get out a warning about unknown machine damage
  • Run  and click to get Root

    dingdong, root, fly iq4400


After the end of the process I recommend that you watch the video below and check back right on the device.


About company Etuline I’ve left a little feedback. The average price of this model 6000 rubles.
Among the shortcomings can be noted:

  • 1 radio on two SIM cards.
  • The poor response of the sensor
  • GPS very bad satellites


  • Price
  • Capacious battery (2 days enough)

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